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Please relax this should fun!

I really do test every single board that I ship. This doesn't mean I am perfect however. I have shipped boards missing components, but they were tested and still produced output. I've shipped boards missing a capacitor, but since they are for filtering they still tested ok. I also missed a resistor. I didn't notice it when I tested because it only affected certain levels of color. I've shipped a bad 7800 board because I didn't test it with a 2600 cartridge. (I test both 7800 and 2600 cartridges now.) That being said, I've had the opportinity to re-work failed installation. Here's the advice I can give you so far. You can always send me your non-working assembly to fix. I'll fix it for a flat rate of $20.00 fee plus $15.00 for any IC on the Atari that needs to be replaced. You cover shipping. If I've made a mistake on your board, I will refund for the cost of the board and fix your installation free of charge.