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BAtari 2600 AVMod Installation Instructions

  1. Case Drilling
  2. Find an appropriate place on the case for the jacks. The three RCA jacks use 1/4 inch holes. The s-video jack can use a 1/2 inch hole, or use a 3/8th inch hole and enlarge it with a Dremel to fit the s-video jack. Place the RCA jacks 1.5cm apart, and place the s-video jack 2cm from the nearest RCA jack.  If your modding a heavy sixer,  you will need to countersink the holes for the jacks.

    Suggested Jack Placement

  3. Click here for Connections to the Atari 2600

    Find your Atari motherboard using the link above and connect the inputs on the mod board to the locations on the pictures. There are two connections that you will need to make from the main board to the output side of the mod board.  One is marked VCC on the mod board, this is +5 in. Also connect one of the GND connection on the output side to the ground on the Atari.  Note I used the GND connection next to the Audio Out since I shared the audio ground with composite.  The picture below illustrates this on a 6 switch unit.

    Installation Suggestion for a 6 switch model

  4. Connecting the Output Jacks

    1. Orient the S-Video Jack as shown and connect the pins to the outputs on the mod board.
      S-Video Jack Orientation Atari 2600 Jacks
    2. Connect the yellow RCA jack to Composite, the Red to Right Audio and the White Jack to Left Audio
    3. Note the photo shows a 75 ohm resistor on the LUMA  line, and composite jack.  These are no longer needed because of the 2.2K resistor at R3 on the mod board.
    BAtari 2600 Mod Board Installation

Atari 2600A (4 Switch) Completed Install

Atari 2600 A - Completed Install